Sunday Post #2

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! :D

Hello my friends, I hope that your Sunday is starting off right; I started mine off with this good ol' cup of coffee! It's pretty much delicious, and it's all because of this guy. Goodness, I cannot believe a whole week has already gone by! Let me do a little recap of my adventures since the last time we talked:
  1. I went on the most perfect date with a very handsome guy! :) We went to a theme park to play put put golf, and then proceeded to have a delicious dinner under glowing lights! Not that this is relevant, but I had a delicious Greek chicken pita sandwich, and some warm/cheesy/creamy spinach & artichoke dip with toasted pita bread slices...... are you drooling yet? Words don't do this food justice.... I tried :(
  2. I went to my school's club fair, and got to enjoy hanging out with my new, awesome friends, and also sign up for some new clubs!
  3. I went SHOPPING for some new, fall clothes, which instantly put me in a fantastic mood! I don't know why, but adding a few new additions to my closest made my mood ten times better that particular day. Crazy how that works, huh?..... By the way, you all should go check out Old Navy's Labor Day sales! They. Rock.
  4. Today I bought the ingredients to make this delicious Greek quinoa salad & these clean-eating berry muffins! I am going to portion the salad into mason jars, and eat it for lunch the rest of the week. As for the muffins, they will be my breakfast! (crossing my fingers they turn out yummy)!!
  5. I started my lifting regime again!! #teammuscle For any of you that want to start working out and/or lifting, you should go check out On the website you can find workouts to target certain muscle groups. 
  6. I got a call from my little sissy saying that she got asked to her first, high school, homecoming dance!! Ahhhhh I was so excited for her, but at the same time.... it's bittersweet. I can't believe my baby sister is going to be going to her first dance already. On the bright side, I can't wait to help her pick out her first dress! :) 
  7. Lastly, this morning, for the very first time....... I went to a Christian church. My good friend Jill (bless her heart for inviting me) had asked me last night if I wanted to go with her. Normally I would have made up an excuse as to why I couldn't go (because I like to stay home on Sunday's); however, an excited feeling crept over me, and I wanted to say yes! So I did just that, and let me tell ya friends....... I have never in my life felt so moved. I feel close to God today, and quite frankly, its one of the best feelings I've ever felt.

Say Yes to New Adventures

TOP LEFT: This is me doing my "I'm so nervous for my date tonight" look. But gladly, it all went well. Luck must have been on my shoulder the whole time! :P

TOP RIGHT: I woke up early on Friday morning in order to get in a nice 2-mile run before my classes started. I love running early enough to watch the sun rise; do you ever do this?  

BOTTOM LEFT: Sooooo Thursday was an EXTREMELY busy day for me, well, that's what it seemed like anyway. So in order to make it feel like all my hard work had been recognized for the day, I of course treated myself to a creamy, delicious cup of almond milk/vanilla malt frozen yogurt!! On top of this wonderfulness I had peanut butter M&M's, organic granola, one Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, crushed Butterfinger, and caramel turtles. It's basically the best thing on earth.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Tuesday's and Thursday's are some of my busiest days. I work out at 6 in the morning, and have to go straight from my workout to my 8 o'clock Spanish class. Time was pretty slim, and I had forgotten to bring something for breakfast to eat after my workout. So, I ran to the store to grab some of my favorites. A cold bottle of coffee paired with a chewy, energizing granola bar makes for a very awake me during class!

Blogs to Follow:

Back to Her Roots - I discovered Cassie's blog yesterday (after looking at another one of my favorite bloggers post). Cassie is an amazing food blogger, as well as a graphic designer, country gal, new mommy, and wife. She seems like the kind of person I'd love to call my friend!

Dearest Love - Thanks to Logan over at Logan Can, I discovered Jenna's blog. Every Friday Jenna hosts a link-up party called "Coffee Date" (that title alone made me excited to see what her blog was all about!) I would be pretty happy if I could go have coffee with her someday! She is a cute 2nd grade teacher that lives in Atlanta, and blogs about the wonderful things in life. Go have a look-see; you won't be disappointed!

Enjoying the Small Things - Wow. I am so incredibly happy I came across Kelle's blog. She is definitely a person you guys should follow. Not only is she a beautiful mama.... she is also a wife, writer, blogger, photographer, and so much more!

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Random Facts:
  • I don't sing in the shower because I'm always afraid of someone hearing me... even when i'm the only one home
  • I don't like wearing bras. Once I'm home, it's gone (well... unless I have company). Common ladies you know you do it too!
  • I don't catch onto jokes as quickly as most people. If I don't get it, then I try and play it off like I do by laughing
  • I eat peanut butter every day whether its on a rice cake, a banana, another kind of fruit, on my toast, or on my oatmeal pancakes
  • Gum to me is like a cigarette to a smoker
  • Country music has my heart
  • I have been told I have vampire eyes, like the Cullens on Twilight 

Captures Of The Week


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep in touch with me through Instagram; I would love to chit chat with you! :)

--McKenna <3

Shut Up, I Think Your Gorgeous

Friday, August 29, 2014

Since I found some of that time that I had so sadly lost (due to school), I decided this subject was important enough to me to write about (even though it's not Sunday he he).

I am pretty upset right now, guys. As I sit here watching the new episode of "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - Making the Team", I am absolutely disgusted. At who? Well...... these two below.

I'm disgusted, not at Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell as people, but at their actions. During this particular episode, they let go of 3 amazing, beautiful, talented, healthy, muscular, fit women. Why? Oh ya know..... because they had gained "so and so" pounds since the last time they were on the team, and they "didn't fill out the uniform in the right way". I tell ya people..... I just wanted to throw my t.v. out the window and over the balcony right then. 

One of the most puzzling part of this episode was when Kelli and Judy told this girl (who had gained 13 pounds since the previous year) that most girls who are 5 ft. 3 inches (which is what she was) on their team weighed around 104 pounds.........

This really put things into perspective for me because about a little over one year ago, I myself, also 5 ft. 3 inches,  weighed 104 pounds. To say the least, I was NOT healthy. I still don't really believe that some of those girls weigh that much less, because on t.v. they look so much healthier than I did at 104 (in my opinion); they look muscular and fit. However, maybe they are, and maybe they ARE healthy. 

Okay, I don't want to get off track here. Okay take a look see at these girls below....

Each one of these girls has different bodies. They are all beautiful. They are all fit. They are all amazing dancers. Yet..... a girl may get kicked off just because she gained a few pounds while on break.... it's just sad. For some most of these girls, this is their dream. They have wanted to be a Cowboy's cheerleader ever since they were little, and unfortunately their dreams get crushed because they don't "fill out a uniform" in the "right" way. I would never in a million years crush someone's dream just because their body isn't proportioned a certain way (especially if that person is STILL an amazing dancer!). I understand that this team has standards, but really..... crush a woman's dream because she doesn't have a long torso & has a bit more skin on her hips?

Every little girl, young lady, woman is beautiful. Period. Never ever ever ever let anyone make you feel like you are less than you really are. Follow your dreams, and never give up. Show the world that you are more than a body. You. Are. So. Much. More.

Sunday Post #1

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oh my goodness, words cannot describe how good it feels to be back! Ever since I decided to only post on Sundays (due to lack of time throughout the week from school), I find myself daydreaming during class about a million different things I want to write about; do any other bloggers out there do this while at work, school, or elsewhere? #bloggerprobs

I have been trying to figure out how I want to go about these #sundayposts, and honestly, am still not quite settled on anything. Basically, today's post is my guinea pig; it might be a little random, but I promise it will be filled with lots of interesting and delightful "stuff".

Say Yes to New Adventures

 TOP LEFT: See that lady cheering? That's because the Uintah Utes (my hometown's high school football team) made an awesome play at there first home game (they ended up winning as well). After class this last Friday I raced home (3 hours) to watch my little sister, a member of the Uintah High U'ettes, perform at her first high school football game. Upon arrival I realized I had made a mistake in wearing cute, yellow shorts. Why? It looked like I was in Seattle, Washington; rain was on the way. After making it to the game, I watched in excitement as the score board time neared the half-time mark. 8 minutes....... 6 minutes.... 3 minutes.... 30 seconds.... 2 seconds left!!!..... THEN.... Rain. Everywhere... Teams running off the field.... parents, siblings, and students clearing the stands... umbrellas going up.... and here I am thinking, "SERIOUSLY!?!?! You couldn't have waited like..... 5 more minutes?" Long story short, they ended up finishing the game; however, the U'ette's did NOT get to perform. Sad. Day. Although I didn't get to see my sis perform during halftime, I did get to see her do some shorter, side-line routines before the rain came, which was just as great. She is a rock star. As I watched her dance and sit in the student section, I became quiet, and couldn't quite grasp the fact that she is now in high school, my little sis. It's bittersweet watching her grow up (I'm even getting choked up now), but more sweet than bitter. #proudoldersis

TOP RIGHT: For those of you who didn't see this earlier in the week, this is my FAVORITE snack/breakfast/side in the world! There are three reasons for that: there's peanut butter, there's honey, and there's bananas. That combination right there equals LOVE. It's also very filling, so if you are ever in need of a quick fix that keeps you full, try this out. Whatever you do though.... DO NOT forget to sprinkle cinnamon on top... you won't get the full, delicious effect!

BOTTOM LEFT: I mentioned on this picture that I would be putting the recipe up on the blog Sunday, and what-do-ya-know, it's Sunday! This (Strawberry Protein Oatmeal Pancakes) is one of my favorite breakfast meals. Not only does it fill me up, it provides for and fuels my body during the day. Here it is:


1 egg
2 egg whites
1/4 - 1/2 scoop strawberry protein powder
1/2 cup quick oats
splash almond milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Sprinkle cinnamon
Banana slices


Mix all ingredients together (in the above order). Pour entire mix into medium size fry pan for one large pancake. Top with banana slices, honey, granola, and/or peanut butter. Eat plain, drizzled with yogurt, or dipped in low-cal maple syrup. Enjoy :)

BOTTOM RIGHT: This right here is another one of my favorite snacks/pre-workout snacks! It's just a caramel corn rice cake with Jiff's whipped peanut butter, honey, banana slices, and cinnamon. Delicious. Nutritious. Low-cal. Filling. Yum!

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Stuff I Want to Tell You:

Yesterday........ I GOT A CAMERA!!!! I have been wanting a nicer, more professional camera for awhile now (mainly to improve my blog). After we went and got the camera (a Nikon D60) that my cousin sold to me (thanks Misty!), my sweet mom took the time to help me understand the camera before I went back to school.  I kept telling her that in a way I felt guilty for allowing her to help me, seeing as she has worked for over 4 years researching and reading to get to the place she's at today. Of course I still have a massive amount to do myself, but....basically I just feel super blessed to have such a humble mother. I also told her that she has a way with teaching, and should think about giving photography lessons; anyone who knows my mama probably agrees! Here is the link to her site if you want to check out her photos: Janece Kenney Photography.

To wrap up this weekend post, I'm going to share a few more photos that I took this morning, just because I'm tickled pink with how they turned out! :P I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Manage your time wisely so that you can lessen stress. Eat healthy. Eat treats, too. Exercise. Spend time with your family. Get enough sleep. Have goals to accomplish each day. Tell the ones dear to your heart that you love them. Make a new friend. Reach out to someone. And lastly, spoil yourself a little! :) I will talk with you all in one week! In the meantime.... follow my adventures on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Lots of love -- McKenna <3

20-Minute Full-Body Workout

Alright guys, tomorrow is Monday, which means that it's time to kick off the week right! Last Friday I made up this quick 20-minute, full-body workout that will definitely make you sweat. This is a strength training and HITT workout combined. Try to find time to fit in at least 20 minutes of exercise per day regardless of how busy your schedule is. If you have time to sleep, you have time to workout. Personally, exercise makes me feel more awake, more alert, more confident, and more motivated to get my daily tasks done! If you struggle in trying to "like" or "enjoy" working out, try doing some of these things. I am a college student who has classes all throughout each day, so I like to get my workouts in early (around 5:30-6 a.m.). Have you ever heard the saying, "Wake up early and workout before your mind realizes what your doing?" ITS TRUE my friends, I'm telling ya ha ha; I give kudos to those of you who can workout at night! This morning I walked up and down main st. to take pictures with my new camera (eeeeek I LOVE IT!!!); it was also a great way to be active. What are you going to do today? #bestrong #youcandoit

Warm up: Run 1 mile

You will do each exercise 4 times (for 1 min.) before moving on to the next one. Alternate between 50 jumping jacks & 50 high knees (for 4 min) at the very end.

Burpees (with full push up)
Box jumps
Squats w/ dumbbell
Push-up rows
Jumping jacks/high knees

Go through entire workout (2-3x); do 50 full sit-ups at the end

Mt. climbers (20 each leg)
Leg raises (20)
Plank (hold for 1 min.)
Spider man plank (20 each side)
Russian twists (20 each side)
Full sit-ups (on ground or on medicine ball)

Palisade Peach Festival 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The following information is directly from the Palisade Peach Festival Website

A bit of history: Early historical records from The Museum of Western Colorado indicate that “Peach Days” was a popular event held in the late 1800s. Some of the first peach trees in the area were planted in 1882 by John Harlow and his wife, Jean. John built a canal system that brought water from the Colorado River into Palisade (which was finished in the late 1800's); by the early 1900's more than 25,000 pounds of peaches were being shipped daily from Palisade to destinations around the region. Palisade soon grew as a town and other fruit crops followed such as apples, apricots and cherries.

Today, Palisade peaches are the pride of Colorado, world-famous and shipped far and wide. They are sought after by people who drive hundreds of miles to taste the best and take several bushels home to preserve and enjoy throughout the year.

We didn't get a funnel cake, but if you've never had're really missing out. It's basically fried bread covered in powdered sugar... are you slobbering yet?

My cute friend!!

Dun Dun Dun.... the FAMOUS Palisade Peach Ice Cream :) It was definitely worth spending my 3 bucks!

Soo..... this was new this year. Taylor was brave enough to do it! I on the other hand, stood on the sidelines and took pictures :)

There she goes! What a daredevil!

Of course, I couldn't NOT buy a bag of homemade kettle corn.... another thing that was definitely worth spending 3 bucks :)

That hair though!... Tay and I decided that this is what we want to be for Halloween this year.... thoughts? :)

To anyone who plans on going next year, I recommend going around 7 or 7:30 in the evening (it ends at 9 PM). Why? The weather was perfect; it wasn't scorching hot. Last year when I went with my family we went in the middle of the day, and will never do so again (unless of course we want to be wiping beads of sweat off our foreheads the entire time.... isn't that cute).

 From the homemade peach ice cream, to the 80's party jam afterwards, and everything in-between, Tay, my roommate/buddy ol' pal, and I had such a great time at the festival this year! I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and have a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful Sunday :)

-- McKenna <3

Today On Campus: University Center

Saturday, August 16, 2014

As I was sitting in my apartment today (totally bored), I thought of a new, fun segment I'd like to start on the ol' blog: Today On Campus. Can you guess what it's going to be like? Let me give you a little insight..... I basically will be "people watching" and/or "spying on people like a creep", and then I will write about it. Fun, right?! I'm giving all you fellow CMU goers a heads up, okay? I don't want people think I'm literally a creep, but rather, okay..... who am I kidding... it's kinda creepy, Ha ha!

Honestly, if I could make people watching my career, I SO would. It's fun, interesting, educational, and creepy all at the same time. Okay so, right now I am sitting in a corner table in the University Center (my first culprit). So far I have seen the following:

  1. A girl wearing the same shirt as me (awkward.....)
  2. A mama walking her new college girl around campus (probably hating that he's all growed up now)
  3. A daddy walking his baby girl around campus, helping her find her classes (he had hair down to his back!)
  4. A man munching on some food while texting on his phone (but really he's probably looking at KSL trying to see what new toy he wants to buy....)
  5. More families.... (I wish my family was here! Sigh....)
  6. More students entering the building.... It must be getting close to dinner time? 
  7. My good friend, Christine, just walked through the doors! Whoooo she flew in from Hawaii today! Excuse me while I go give her a big hug!!...... 
  8. Awww! The cutest couple just passed... holding hands... I bet they'll have cute babies....
  9. I smell food.... I was right... I think the cafeteria just opened for dinner
  10. Ah, just saw two bro's wearing the same camo hat (is it twin day?)
  11. Oh hey cute guy over there in the corner with your family.... do you need help finding your way around campus...? 
  12. Lots of guys wearing mid-shin-length socks..... new trend? 
I may look like I'm Pinteresting but really I'm watching you... cause I'm a true spy... LOL

Well, that's all for today, folks. It's time for me to go home and get some din din before I head to the Palisade Peach Festival later this evening (will be posting about this later)!! I hope you have a fabulous Saturday night!

Lots of love,

-- McKenna <3

Hi, My Name Is McKenna..... But You Can Call Me "The Bread-maker"

 “Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.”    -- James Beard

Well ain't that the truth, James! There is just something special about walking into a home smelling of fresh, homemade bread; hearing the crunch of the crust as you slice your first piece; slathering a square of smooth butter atop it; and taking your first bite while you feel and taste the warmth, the chewiness, the density, and the softness of it's form.  I am grateful to have experienced these moments quite often; I came from a family of fantastic cooks/bakers. 

I have grown up around homemade bread; my mom makes it quite often. However, it never occured to me (until now) that I would someday want to know how to make it for my own children, as well. After bringing up the subject to my Mom one day, she told me I should ask my Aunt Carolyn or my Aunt Mer to teach me before I moved back to Colorado for school. Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Mer have always been the "breadmakers" of the family.  On a side note, I seriously hope that one day I can learn how to garden as well as Aunt Mer does, and crotchet as well as Aunt Carolyn (talented ladies... love them to death). Anyways, we (my grandma, myself, and my mom) were planning on going up to Aunt Mer's soon to have lunch. Well, what better a time to learn how to make homemade bread, right? So, I did. French bread to be exact....

We mixed all the ingredients together in a Bosch. Oh how I would love to have one of these..... guess it's time to start looking at yard sales, because there is no way this (me) college student can afford to buy a new one..... On the other hand, Aunt Mer handed down her old Bosch to my mom, and bought her a new one at a yard sale, sooooo I better just stick to tradition and find one there as well, right? :P

Time to let the bread raise....

Meesha Rae

 Meanwhile.... it was photo shoot time with Meesha Rae, and Mazie! :)  Meesha is my older sisters doggie; we were babysitting (dog-sitting) her while Corri was at work. She loves long walks/runs on the road, chewing on her dog bone, digging holes in our yard, playing with Rez (our Boston Terrier), cuddling at night, eating human food (especially Nibs licorice), walking underneath people's feet, acting like a princess, and watching people go to the bathroom (yes.... you cannot go to the bathroom without her staring at you with her cute, beady eyes). Basically, we love Meesha, and all her personality, to death. Mazie is Aunt Mer's dog, and though I don't know as much about her as she probably does, I do know that Mazie is such a good, calm, loving dog.

Then it was back inside to separate the dough into four sections.... 

Next, we rolled out the dough.... Your probably asking yourself, "Is she really using a plastic cup?" Yes, in fact, I am (thanks for the cool tip, Aunt Mer!).

Time to make them fancy-shmancy! Don't they look beautiful? 

Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it!!! Gorgeous aren't they? I'll bet your mouth is salivating right now, yeah? To make you even more jealous, I'm going to tell you this.... we had these crunchy, crispy, chewy, soft, perfectly seasoned loaves of bread with spaghetti for dinner that night! I couldn't have been more happy with how they turned out, and it's 100 percent thanks to my sweet Aunt Mer. I will always remember and cherish this time with her, and I'm sure my future kids will be super grateful too when they come home from school to a home smelling of freshly baked bread! Thank you a million times Auntie, your the best.

For whoever is reading this, I hope you enjoyed reading about how I became a professional bread-maker (at least I'd like to think I am now), and I hope this inspires you to learn how to make it as well! I promise you, nothing smells or tastes better than a warm slice of homemade bread, especially in the Fall!

Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful mother for taking these pictures. You are amazing, and your work is always stunning. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and I basically have a novel now thanks to you. Muah! For anyone who wants to check out her work, click on the following link: Janece Kenney Photography

And to conclude this post... how about a little Ratatouille? If you haven't seen this movie yet, I promise, you are missing out.

-- McKenna <3


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