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Friday, August 29, 2014

Since I found some of that time that I had so sadly lost (due to school), I decided this subject was important enough to me to write about (even though it's not Sunday he he).

I am pretty upset right now, guys. As I sit here watching the new episode of "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - Making the Team", I am absolutely disgusted. At who? Well...... these two below.

I'm disgusted, not at Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell as people, but at their actions. During this particular episode, they let go of 3 amazing, beautiful, talented, healthy, muscular, fit women. Why? Oh ya know..... because they had gained "so and so" pounds since the last time they were on the team, and they "didn't fill out the uniform in the right way". I tell ya people..... I just wanted to throw my t.v. out the window and over the balcony right then. 

One of the most puzzling part of this episode was when Kelli and Judy told this girl (who had gained 13 pounds since the previous year) that most girls who are 5 ft. 3 inches (which is what she was) on their team weighed around 104 pounds.........

This really put things into perspective for me because about a little over one year ago, I myself, also 5 ft. 3 inches,  weighed 104 pounds. To say the least, I was NOT healthy. I still don't really believe that some of those girls weigh that much less, because on t.v. they look so much healthier than I did at 104 (in my opinion); they look muscular and fit. However, maybe they are, and maybe they ARE healthy. 

Okay, I don't want to get off track here. Okay take a look see at these girls below....

Each one of these girls has different bodies. They are all beautiful. They are all fit. They are all amazing dancers. Yet..... a girl may get kicked off just because she gained a few pounds while on break.... it's just sad. For some most of these girls, this is their dream. They have wanted to be a Cowboy's cheerleader ever since they were little, and unfortunately their dreams get crushed because they don't "fill out a uniform" in the "right" way. I would never in a million years crush someone's dream just because their body isn't proportioned a certain way (especially if that person is STILL an amazing dancer!). I understand that this team has standards, but really..... crush a woman's dream because she doesn't have a long torso & has a bit more skin on her hips?

Every little girl, young lady, woman is beautiful. Period. Never ever ever ever let anyone make you feel like you are less than you really are. Follow your dreams, and never give up. Show the world that you are more than a body. You. Are. So. Much. More.

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