HITT & Cardio workout

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So, funny story.... actually it's quite ridiculous and you will probably think, "Okay lady you're a little much...." But, this morning I woke up at 4:45, and got ready to go to a bootcamp class at my local rec center. Getting "ready" consisted of: Slowly getting out of my oh-so-comfey bed, bumping into the wall and tripping over the clothes on my floor, going to do my morning ritual (in the dark because it's too early to see light), wash the hands (brrrr!! Too much cold for my hands right now!), put in the contacts (ouch!!! Eyes are burnt for life!!), throw on a hat, put on some workout clothes, and ate half of a banana. Oh and yes, I "forgot" to brush my teeth.... no judging please.... seriously, it was too early to be functioning enough to remember that task, plus.... I brushed before I went to bed! -__-

Anywho, I then jumped in the car to drive to the rec center. I arrived one minute before class started (wheewhhhh that was close!). So, first I am going to finish the story, and then I will post the workout below. So I did the warm-up, and right as I finished I grabbed my keys, phone, and water, and stormed out that door! Wanna know why? Because the stupid yoga pants I wore kept falling down! There was no way I was going to finish that workout while hiking my pants up the entire time.... SO.... I left.

I went home, changed into more suitable bottoms, and went upstairs to finish my workout. Since I left before I saw what the main workout was, I had to improvise and be creative. Since it's hard for me to workout for long periods when I'm by myself, I decided to do a High Intensity Interval Training workout that would be quick, yet effective. This is what I came up with.....

WARM UP (that I did at the rec center):

Repeat (2x)

 2 laps around the gym
high-knees (down length of gym)
10 sit-ups
butt kickers (back up length of gym)
10 sit-ups
shuffles (down)
10 sit-ups
shuffles back (back)
10 sit-ups
frog jumps (down)
10 sit-ups
high skips (back)
10 sit-ups

HITT & Cardio Workout:

1-mile interval run on treadmill

 Repeat the workout below (2x)

50 jumping jacks
10 burpees
10 jump squats
20 knee-ups (on each side) (forward the video to the 2 minute mark to see how to do this) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An4uTzF2UUM
30 front kicks
10 standing donkey kicks (on each side)
25 russian twists (on each side)
20 in-outs
25 mt. climbers (on each leg)
10 - three way leg lifts (left, middle, then right side = one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAL_CjuElTc
10 v-ups

Repeat the movements one after the other, and if you have to rest...make it short and sweet. The point here is to get your heart rate up and keep the intensity! :) This workout is good for those days you just don't have much time on your hands... it took me about 35-40 minutes altogether. Go have some fun, and take care!

Haha no I did NOT fall off the treadmill & smack my face... but I am sharing my workout with you anyways!! ;)

                                                         Until next time -- McKenna :)

Strawberry Banana Protein Oatmeal

If you love oatmeal as much as I do, then you should definitely try out this recipe!! I started making this for breakfast while I was in college. It started out pretty basic, but one day I decided to throw in a bunch of "stuff" that sounded good, and..... Tahdah!! The following bowl of deliciousness was produced. If you try it out comment and let me know how it turned out for you! :)

This is the same oatmeal recipe, but has blueberries instead of strawberries

Strawberry Banana Protein Oatmeal

1 cup water
1/2 cup (whole wheat) quick oats OR rolled oats
1 sweetener packet (stevia or truvia)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 
1 teaspoon honey
1/4 scoop strawberry protein powder
1/8-1/4 cup granola
1/8 teaspoon chia seeds
Fresh or frozen berries (slice strawberries)
Banana slices


Boil water over medium/high heat. Once boiling pour in dry oatmeal. Boil quick oats for 2 minutes, or rolled oats for 4-5 minutes. In the meantime, defrost frozen berries (ignore if using fresh berries). Pour oatmeal into bowl with berries. Stir in sweetener, honey, protein powder, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Sprinkle granola and banana slices on top. Enjoy!

  • Swap the strawberry protein powder for peanut butter (I used Jiff's Whipped), leave out the strawberries, and swap the granola for slivered almonds to make peanut butter banana nut oatmeal! 
  • The protein I use is called PROTIZYME (Strawberry Crème flavor). I get it from a local store in my hometown called WARRIORS WAREHOUSE. Here is the link to their website if you want to check them out http://www.warriorswarehouse.com/Blog.html
  • I use Bear Naked Fit - Vanilla Almond flavor for my granola (you can get it at Wal-Mart)
Picture of my protein powder and granola

How I went from being "skinny" to being "healthy".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

To many people, I have always been the girl who could "eat whatever I wanted and still look 'skinny'". This may have been true when I was 12 or 13; however, as I grew older that wasn't necessarily the case. Yes, I've never really been "overweight", but I have definitely been "underweight".

I started to become more conscious of my body appearance when I entered junior high. I was at the age where I could start dating, so of course, I became more involved in my physical appearance. I remember being self conscious of my forehead (which is why I had bangs), my "oval-shaped" face (with not very defineable cheekbones), my "bigger feet" (Size 8 1/2 - 9), my "no thigh gap" legs, and my "flatter chest". Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a depressed adolescent. I was full of life, and was a happy girl even with all of those insecurities.

As I entered high school as a sophomore, I still had most of the same insecurities that I had in junior high. I liked my legs a little more, liked my curves a little more, liked my oval-shaped face a little more, but still didn't feel comfortable with my forehead and foot size (I kept my bangs, and started to try and fit into size 8 1/2 shoes). As a sophomore I dated mostly guys who were seniors, which caused those insecurities to be even greater. I was always comparing my physical appearance to those "senior" girls who had a larger chest, tinier waist, smaller feet, and more defined cheekbones (because I felt like that was what the older, senior guys liked). Once again, I was NOT depressed or unhappy. I was still a happy adolescent who was involved in sports, got good grades, and had amazing friends; but, I still had insecurities that ate at me day in and day out. 

As I started my junior year of high school, I started losing some of those insecurities that I carried with me since junior high. I started to like my physical appearance more, partly because I enjoyed people telling me how "strong" I looked. I was a member of the softball team, so being strong and muscle-y was a good thing. I ended up competing in my school's "Miss Uintah Body Building Competition"; I didn't win, but I was proud of myself for being confident enough to be in front of a large audience in only spandex and a bikini top! Keep in mind.. I still had the bangs that covered my forehead at that time, so unfortunately, all insecurities weren't gone. 

As I started my senior year, I became a member on a state championship drill team (dance team). It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment (physically & emotionally). We practiced and conditioned all throughout the summer (with a 2 week break), then started getting ready for competition season, practicing six days a week, 3 hours each day (longer some days, and had a couple 2-a-day practices). It was constant exercise. My body started changing. My legs were stronger, but also thinner. My waist shrunk. My arms, shoulder, and chest became toned, but I lost mass. My face finally had cheekbones that were noticeable. I was "skinny". I also stopped having my period. At the time I was happy with how my body was changing; however, I was blind to the fact that I was becoming, not just "skinny", but unhealthy as well. 

All throughout my senior year I had my coach, my parents, my siblings, and some extended family comment on my "skinniness". I was forced to go to several doctor appointments to see if I was unhealthy. But of course, they don't know anything, right? I was happy, I was finally getting that "thigh gap", those cheekbones, that tiny waist, that "desirable look by senior boys." Boy...... if I could just go back in time and slap myself I would! Looking back now I know that my family was only looking out for me; they were worried. Looking back now I know that I lost too much weight, and that I had the wrong perception of what "beautiful" and "healthy" is. On a side note, drill team taught me how to love my face again. Being a dancer, your hair is always slicked up into a tight bun, which forced me to show off my naked face. I'm so grateful for that now! 

Senior Year of Prom - I was pretty "skinny", and had less muscle
Things didn't start changing (in a good way) for me until I left for college. I was so surprised when I went to the gym, and saw so many girls/women lifting weights. I had always been against that because I didn't want to become "bulky". But when I saw these girls, they weren't bulky; these girls were muscle-y, toned, fit, strong, beautiful, healthy, and I could see it on their face that they were happy. I look back now and laugh because I was.... this "skinny" girl walking into a room full of "strong" girls to go run on the treadmill... with my only concern being to keeping the weight off. So, I decided to start going to one of the boot camp classes, which became a blessing in disguise. By going to bootcamp, I met Kaitie (who became my best friend, lifting partner, and sister), and Molly (who became my motivation, bootcamp instructor, and friend). After starting bootcamp, Kaitie and I started lifting together three days a week, attending boot camp two times a week, and eating more healthy-like. I became stronger, muscle-y-er, more confident, and more knowledgeable about "health". I didn't care anymore about being "skinny". I wanted to be strong and healthy. 

Christmas 2013 - When I loved being "healthy" so much that I asked for new Nike's and workout attire :)

Today, I am more happy than I ever was when I was just "skinny". I love my curves, my booty (thank you squats), my face (thank you drill), my strong legs, my strong core, and yes.... even my big feet ;) I feel beautiful even when I make poor eating choices on a certain day, or skip a workout. What's more important is enjoying life, enjoying your treats, and enjoying being a complete couch potato all day. This life we live is short, and it shouldn't be wasted worrying about that brownie you ate yesterday, or that workout you skipped earlier this week because you were tired. Love your body. Don't focus on being "skinny"; strive to be "healthy".

All my love, 


My Bucketlist - 15 things to accomplish someday, somehow!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whats on your bucket list? Do you wish to soak in the sun on the island of Fiji? Attend a lavish ball (and I'm talking about the "whole nine yards" ball with big Cinderella gowns, prince-like tuxedos, expensive food, and orchestral performances)? Go bungee jumping? Skydiving? Write your own book? The list of things to do in this life are endless, and I definitely have a few things on my bucket list I hope to do someday. As I was thinking about mine last night, I came to realize that I have way to many to cram into one post (you would be reading for hours..... and really..... ain't nobody got time for dat!). However, I thought it would be fun to tell you about a few of them! Sit back, grab some popcorn (maybe even a box of cookies... if you end up eating a whole box... I won't tell), grab a glass of water/pop/coffee/tea/wine (whatever floats your boat), and get inspired to create your own bucket list!

1.) Attend Rachael Ray's show in NYC
Rach and Sunny Anderson! I just love when Sunny is on the show; she is so funny! 


2.) Watch the ball drop in Times Square, NYC 
Thousands upon thousands of people, bright lights, live music, take me there!!

3.) Explore Europe
Venice.... Gondolas....


4.) Ride a Train - Like the ones in Harry Potter
All aboard!!!! Chooo choooo!!!

5.) Learn how to make homemade bread
Oh you fancy, huh? ;)

6.) Own my own dog
Preferably a Golden Retriever :) 

7.) Start my own business
Marketing/Communications/PR/Event Planning.. Love it all :)

8.) Eat a Chicago Dog in Chicago
That...sizzling...bundle of goodness :P Nom Nom Nom

9.) Join a book club
If you don't love getting lost in a book, just slap yourself right now!

10.) Eat at a 5-star restaurant 
How cool is this restaurant!? It's in Bangkok, Thailand!! Named "The Most Stunning Rooftop Bar You'll Ever See" by The New York Times :)

11.) Watch a Las Vegas Show
Cirque Du Soleil - Verekai

12.) Grow my own garden
I'd love to grow my own cucumbers & tomatoes :)

13.) Spend an entire day at a resort/spa
Conrad Hotels and Resorts

14.) Eat a real, southern meal in a southern state
Two of my favorites...chicken....and waffles <3

15.) Run a marathon
Dicks Sporting Goods Marathon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Shivers & Jitters Coffee Shop

Friday, July 25, 2014

So, there's this place that's kinda special.... it's a place where I have made new friends & family members.... it's where I go when I need some cheering up.... it's where I go to get a delicious drink (white chocolate/vanilla/iced/americano/with 1 1/2 shot & a splash of almond milk...OMG), it's where I go.....to get paid (currently)! Baha! This mystery place is called.... drum roll....... Oh, jk you already saw it in the title!! :P SHIVERS & JITTERS!!!!! 
I have been working here for about 2 years now, and it's by far the BEST job I have ever had. I remember my job interview with Miss Bonnie, my boss, which was held in the front seat of her car (I was in her bubble & she was in mine, imagine how intimidating that was...). She offered me a drink  (a Marilyn Monroe hot latte, YUM) while we talked. I could tell right then that she was going to be the best boss I've ever had, and I was right. Here I am two years later, and still working for the crazy lady who forgets her sunglasses everywhere she goes... I'm glad she gave me a chance years ago, love you Bon! 

I will be going back to school soon for Fall semester, and I will definitely miss making some of my favorite regulars drinks: Dave & Gary's (chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry latte), Joe's (hot mocha w/ whip), Ray's (mocha frappe without whip), Crazy Carrie's (vanilla latte w/ almond milk & of course...remember to shock the espresso), Rick's (blonde, drip coffee), Julie's (8 pump hot chocolate & no calf slobbers), and of course all of our biker friend's drinks!!! 

Okay but really though, working here has been such a blessing. I honestly couldn't picture my life being as great as it is without picturing my amazing co-workers & customers (throughout these last 2 years) in it. Being a barista is one of the funnest jobs ever! It pushes me to be quick on my feet, to be able to memorize very well, to be sociable, to be able to build relationships, and to be able to make people happy. That's the best part.... sometimes getting coffee is someone's favorite part of the day, and I get to be a part of that!

I'm very grateful. And lucky. I just wanted to share with you all a place that is very dear to me. I hope you all have a wonderful night. Until next time...

P.S. If you would like to visit the Shivers & Jitters Facebook page here is the link https://www.facebook.com/Shiversandjitters


New at this "Blogging" thing!

Hello everybody,

I am new to this this "blogging" thing, so please bare with me and pretend like you enjoy reading what I have to say.... Ha ha! The main point of my blog is this... I want people to see what my every day kind of life is like: my adventures, my accomplishments, my failures, my friends, my family, my fitness regime, my hobbies, my travels, my life in college, my lessons learned, my health & beauty tips, and other stuff too that I'm sure I've forgotten! I want this to be a happy place for everyone. If I can help one of you through a hard time, or help to get motivated to be a better you, my job will be done. I wish each and every one of you a fabulous day, and stay safe! 

McKenna :)


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