My Bucketlist - 15 things to accomplish someday, somehow!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whats on your bucket list? Do you wish to soak in the sun on the island of Fiji? Attend a lavish ball (and I'm talking about the "whole nine yards" ball with big Cinderella gowns, prince-like tuxedos, expensive food, and orchestral performances)? Go bungee jumping? Skydiving? Write your own book? The list of things to do in this life are endless, and I definitely have a few things on my bucket list I hope to do someday. As I was thinking about mine last night, I came to realize that I have way to many to cram into one post (you would be reading for hours..... and really..... ain't nobody got time for dat!). However, I thought it would be fun to tell you about a few of them! Sit back, grab some popcorn (maybe even a box of cookies... if you end up eating a whole box... I won't tell), grab a glass of water/pop/coffee/tea/wine (whatever floats your boat), and get inspired to create your own bucket list!

1.) Attend Rachael Ray's show in NYC
Rach and Sunny Anderson! I just love when Sunny is on the show; she is so funny! 


2.) Watch the ball drop in Times Square, NYC 
Thousands upon thousands of people, bright lights, live music, take me there!!

3.) Explore Europe
Venice.... Gondolas....


4.) Ride a Train - Like the ones in Harry Potter
All aboard!!!! Chooo choooo!!!

5.) Learn how to make homemade bread
Oh you fancy, huh? ;)

6.) Own my own dog
Preferably a Golden Retriever :) 

7.) Start my own business
Marketing/Communications/PR/Event Planning.. Love it all :)

8.) Eat a Chicago Dog in Chicago
That...sizzling...bundle of goodness :P Nom Nom Nom

9.) Join a book club
If you don't love getting lost in a book, just slap yourself right now!

10.) Eat at a 5-star restaurant 
How cool is this restaurant!? It's in Bangkok, Thailand!! Named "The Most Stunning Rooftop Bar You'll Ever See" by The New York Times :)

11.) Watch a Las Vegas Show
Cirque Du Soleil - Verekai

12.) Grow my own garden
I'd love to grow my own cucumbers & tomatoes :)

13.) Spend an entire day at a resort/spa
Conrad Hotels and Resorts

14.) Eat a real, southern meal in a southern state
Two of my favorites...chicken....and waffles <3

15.) Run a marathon
Dicks Sporting Goods Marathon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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  1. Loved your list with the photos -- great idea! My list is at -- but the few items I've achieved haven't always turned out the way I thought they would! (



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