6 Tips - How To Stay On Track While Eating Out

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It can be a challenge to make healthy food choices when eating out; however, it is NOT impossible! These are the sort of things that I do when I go out. Keep in mind, as much as I love to eat healthy, I am all for enjoying those "less healthy" treats/meals too..... it's all about moderation. I love when people share with me their tips and tricks, so I'm going to do so in return. Hope this helps!

1.) Ask for ranch on the side of your salad
  • You would be surprised how much ranch you have leftover in that little cup by dipping each bite, rather than pouring the entire cup over your salad. Ranch can be super high in calories & fat. Other good choices would to ask for oil or vinegar-based (less creamy) dressings instead of ranch. 

2.) Have water with lemons, unsweetened ice tea, or Arnold Palmers with unsweetened tea
  •  The further you stay away from pop & really sugary beverages (flavored lemonades/sweet tea, frozen lemonades, sugary alcoholic beverages), the better off you will be. You don't want to "drink your calories".... you want to eat them! Well... I do anyways ha ha. Oh and before I forget... drink lots and lots of water! Drinking lots of water will fill you up before your meal so you don't over eat.

3.) Ask for a baked or sweet potato rather than fries or mashed potatoes
  • Fried. Anything. Is. No. Bueno. (If your trying to stay on track anyways...) Also, mashed potatoes are normally cram-packed with butter and heavy creams. Lastly, if you order a baked potato, ask for the butter and sour cream to be on the side. 

4.) We all like to browse the menu, but try to make your first "look-see" the 'Lighter Menu' section
  • The lighter menu section consists of food lower in calories and fat, which is awesome if trying to stay on track! 
Olive Garden's Lighter Italian Fare Menu is delicious!! :)

5.) Ask for your 'mixed veggies' to be steamed
  • A lot of time restaurants try to trick you into thinking your eating something healthy (because you ordered veggies) when in all reality, they could be frying up those veggies in a whole bunch of butter.  

6.) Resist eating a slice of the "pre-meal" bread until your meal comes
  • If you wait to have bread with you main meal, you will most likely only have one piece/slice (because you'll be full). Don't eat just because that bread basket is in front of you. Resist. Resist. Resist. Then give in when the meal comes... but, be smart. #moderation
Texas Roadhouse Rolls...... to die for!!!

Most importantly, remember that it is 100% OKAY to eat those "less healthy" foods on occasion!! Believe me... I cannot, and will not give up my guilty food pleasures anytime soon. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing I can't eat (even fried foods). I just choose to be smart about it, know when to, know when not to, and know when to say, "screw it", and just enjoy the freakin' Lemon Coconut Cookie (which I ate yesterday)!! :) Lots of love.....

-- McKenna <3

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