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Monday, September 29, 2014

 This past weekend I traveled to Salt Lake City, UT with my awesome roommate, Taylor, to attend a Washington State University vs. Utah State University's college football game. I have never been to a college football game before, and couldn't have wished for a better, first experience! I am originally from Utah; you would think I was cheering for the Utes, but I sure wasn't! You see, Taylor's dad is one of the coaches for WSU, so of course I was cheering for them! ;) #traitorandproudofit Oh, and the best part.... the Cougs won by one point!

Salt Lake City bound!!

Rainy, cloudy, wet, but still beautiful.

The team getting on the bus about to head to the stadium!

Have you ever attended a football game where it down-poured the entire time, and all you could cover yourself with is a thin plastic poncho?! Yeah... I hadn't either, UNTIL NOW, ha ha. Grey clouds covered the beautiful city of Salt Lake all weekend; I wasn't complaining, though! Rainy days are my favorite, especially when you can eat breakfast inside a cute bakery such as Kneaders, have a warm cup of hot cocoa or coffee, and watch the raindrops swim down the cold, glass window, all while listening to classical music. Yes, we did this on the morning of Saturday before exploring City Creek Mall.

And of course there I am... doing what I always do... taking pictures :P

We stayed two nights in The Marriott hotel, located smack-dab in the middle of downtown. Wow. That's all I could think when stepping inside the gold-swinging doors. It was absolutely beautiful. The hospitality was amazing; right as we pulled up Taylor and I were greeted by the valet men who opened our door, helped take our bags inside, and took our car to the parking garage. The view from our room (on the ninth floor) was breath-taking (the first picture up above). There is something about those bright city lights...and my most favorite part of the hotel was the restaurant that was located inside of it, La Belle (I will be writing a separate post dedicated to La Belle, soon).

And of course, my most favorite part of the entire trip was....... THE FOOD!!!! I am a total, and complete #foodie at heart. I swear I was trying to capture a picture of every single delicious thing I ate, but that was a challenge. Why? Oh, because Tay likes to make fun of me for taking pictures of EVERYTHING!... I can't help it, ha ha. This was my first time meeting Taylor's parents....thank goodness Tami, Taylor's mom, didn't think I was some crazy person for stopping every five seconds for a picture! :P I think everyone feels like they are allowed to eat more treats than usual while on vacation, and I couldn't agree more! A few of the yummies that I treated myself to were: buttery/stadium popcorn, creamy/chocolatey hot cocoa, creamy/sweet/vanilla custard filled chocolate crepes, warm/oatmeal w/ crunch granola, fruit, and brown sugar, and soft bread rolls dipped in olive oil & vinegar.

Breakfast at Kneaders :) Pumpkin Bread, Coffee, and an egg white omelet.

Japanese Chicken bowl for lunch!

Food/Dessert at the La Belle <3

Dessert at the La Belle <3

Buttery, stadium popcorn!

Late night cravings called for a slice of Tiramisu cake!

Road trip snack, of course!

I would love to hear about your weekend; It's storytime! Ready....... GO! :)

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  1. Hi! I am coming to you from the link-up with A Mama Collective. The most memorable college football game I went to was when I was visiting my brother at PennState. We bought the tickets from ticket scalpers right outside the stadium after the game had started. It was a little bit of a shady situation and they almost walked away with our money without giving us all the tickets we thought we bought. It worked out and I love football. The place was SO loud! Your pictures of the food you ate basically made me eat my computer. It looks soooo yummy!

    1. Haha oh my goodness!! I'm so glad you didn't get jipped by those scalpers! But, it's those crazy, spontaneous moments in life that make the best memories, right? :) Hahahaha what you said in that last sentence literally made me laugh out loud!! That's too funny.... Looking at them again (for the billionth time), I feel as if I could eat mine as well.... ha ha!

  2. How fun! I have never been to a University of Utah game at their campus, but I LOVE the BYU games!! I'm a bit jealous of all your delicious food!!

    1. Ha ha Rachel, it was definitely a good time, and their stadium is nice! Oh, there's no need to be jealous... I guarantee you make amazing food like this for your family all time! ;) Ha ha I mean... you're talented at everything you do!

  3. You are your mothers daughter, for sure. I'm always about the food! Glad you had a great weekend. You deserved it!!

    1. Ain't that the truth, mama! ;) Ha ha I really am, and I wouldn't wish to be anything else!! Thanks for always reminding me that it's okay to take a break, let loose, and have a little bit of fun every now and again... love you! <3

  4. I'm so jealous of your trip! My sister lives in Salt Lake, but I've never been. I'll make it out there eventually!

    1. Oh, Rebecca, you would love it so much! I grew up in a town about 3 hours from Salt Lake, so I visited quite often. There is just something about the surrounding mountains that make it so beautiful! My favorite of course, is down town, though :) If you love city lights, tall buildings, and yummy restaurants, I insist you go! Haha :)



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