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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What I'm Listening To // C O U N T R Y
"Easy like Sunday mornin...."

Say Yes to New Adventures

It was my dear friend's birthday last weekend (the big twenty-one)! I didn't get to see her that weekend, because she went out to Denver to have some fun with her boyfriend. She and I don't get to see eachother as much as we used to, due to school & job shchedules; however, this weekend we both were able to make time to see eachother, and boy am I happy we did! It was a great chance to paint our nails, watch Modern Family, and talk about anything and everything. She and her boyfriend moved into a new house awhile back, and this weekend was my very first visit. Let me just tell you.... (as you can see from some of the pics above) it was the cutest darn house I have ever seen! I'm so glad she let me be a creeper and show the world snippets of their home (and doggie). On a side note, aren't those pumpkins the cutest things ever?! My friend is so crafty, just like her dad!

The last collage of pictures came from my this last Wednesday. After hitting the gym I decided to go "on an adventure" to find a place to take a few photos. I ended up at a hotel with the cutest outdoor Italian restaurant. It was surrounded by beautiful flowers; I couldn't resist. Sometimes I wonder if someone will get mad at me for taking pictures of "their property", but so far I haven't been approached :P

The coolest thing happened while taking these pictures.... I made a friend with a little old lady named Dawn. She stopped to ask me if I was taking pictures of the flowers, and I replied, "Yes I am!" She then told me that she also loves to take pictures of flowers, and the conversation kept-a-goin' from there! I learned that Dawn was on her way to Las Vegas with her friend and husband to go see a Cirque du soleil show, as well as gamble. She has a daughter who graduated school with a degree in fashion and merchandising, and hopes to open up her own boutique someday. Dawn asked me questions about my life (college, family, hobbies), and before parting, she asked why I was taking these pictures. I told her that I have a blog; she seemed impressed (I felt cool lol), and asked what my blog name is so she could look me up after we parted ways. When saying our goodbyes, Dawn told me she was so happy to of met me, and wished me a good life. My heart felt so full that morning. I'm grateful that I got to meet Dawn. This is why I do what I do.... to have experiences like this one :)

Bloggers to Follow

The Farmers Wife -Amy is a farmers wife (hence her blog name lol), and a mother to two cute boys.  She likes to write about her life on the farm, style, and marriage. This is one of my favorite posts of hers, because I love food. If being a mama and wife isn't enough, she also is an amazing cook/baker, and posts the most delicious-looking food posts ever!

Happy is a Choice - First things first.... prepare yourself because this girl and her husband are GORGEOUS. Every stinkin' picture of the two of them together is picture perfect. Brittany is a new wifey, she gets free coffee sometimes from her hubby who works at Starbucks (lucky duck), she is a diet coke fanatic, and her idea of a good time includes a coffee shop, a latte, and a good book. Her blog is considered to be a "lifestyle" blog. Just because it's getting closer to the Fall season, I thought I'd share this post of Brittany's that I am dying to try!

Seeking Individuality  - Oh my goodness, I was so happy when I discovered Jess's blog! She is all about community, love Jesus, fuzzy socks, tea, and Disney songs! Her blog is so diverse in that it has everything from creative ideas, adventures, blogging tips, college life, DIY, travel, and more :) This is my favorite post of hers so far, mainly because we get to see the person behind the screen in real life (well... sorta)!!

Notes from the Messy Middle - Desirae is a new wifey, and not too long ago made a big move to another state! She misses her family quite a lot, so make sure you go and give her some love and company :) On her blog you will find posts about fitness, adventure, marriage, and recipes! And of course since Fall is creeping up on us, I figured I'd share another pumpkin post. This is one of my favs from Desirae's blog!

Brave Love - Basically, Bailey Jean is legit; that's all there is to it.... She graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Theatre Performance, and will continue on in a 2-year grad program at Oklahoma State (smarty pants). She loves Frank Sinatra, curling up with a new book, drinking hot cocoa on a rainy day, and white roses! Right now I am participating in her Blog-tember challenge, and I have loved every bit of it!

Random Links
Random Facts

  • I like to hold my mom & grandma's hand 
  • If someone gives me a hand massage with oils or lotion..... I'll pass out
  • I always wish I had a large amount of money stashed away specifically for buying more makeup, nail polish, and hair products
  • I used to be addicted (and I literally mean ADDICTED) to bubble gum. Now it's too sugary-tasting for me, but you better believe that I won't hesitate to get one out of the gumball machine in the malls if I pass one! 
  • If funnel cakes were healthy I would eat 10 pans a day.... 
  • I catch my marshmellows on fire before eating them; black mallows are the best!
  • When I was younger I would eat spam sandwiches topped with apricot jelly, miracle whip, and pepper-jack cheese (SO FREAKING GOOD)
  • I could wear heels everyday...even if they hurt ("beauty is pain".... what my momma used to tell me when she'd french braid my hair (ouch!)
  • I have gone to the movies by myself, and YES, I loved it


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  1. Stopping by from the link -up....I love the Random Facts part of this post!

    1. Thank you Janel! So glad you stopped by; have a great day :)

  2. I found you through Beth's link up, and from your sweet comment on my post ;) I also catch my marshmallows as they're on fire. It's the only way to eat them! I also love those pumpkins...want!

    1. This is why I love Beth's link-up :P haha.... & aren't they adorable? I will ask my friend how she did them (if she found a tutorial online), and I will let you know! I'm pretty sure all she did was wrap different kinds of material on them? Also, I cannot wait to have a bonfire, and roast some yummy marshmellows :) Oh how I love Fall......

  3. GORGEOUS photos! WOW! Yay for a fun day with a good friend :)

    I love those pumpkins, I want to learn how to make them!!!!

    Stopping by from the Currently link up ~Becky with Choose Happy

    1. Thank you, Becky! Next week I'm thinking about videoing my friend making them, so keep checking in! :) Also, thank you for the photo compliment :) I have been working really hard at trying to make my pictures look more professional, so that means a lot! Have a great Friday!



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